Best Arabic Cuisine Around the World

What makes Arabic cuisine so special is the use of fresh local ingredients, fresh fish and seafood and the use of these ingredients in a vast variety of traditional dishes. There are hundreds of small family-owned restaurants and cafes that serve authentic Arabic food from start to finish and all with the same high quality and taste. The unique thing about Arabic food is that the spices used are very mild and complementary to the tomatoes, onions and other ingredients of the food. So when you are dining out with friends, you will never have a problem getting a consistent dish that everyone enjoys.

It is also interesting to note that the best Arabic cuisine is not found only in Yemen or Egypt, but also in places like Syria, Lebanon and even Iraq. To get the best Arabic cuisine, you must travel to these areas and sample the various different foods that are prepared there. For example, the best Arabic restaurants in Dubai are Al Hajar Mountains restaurant (in Bur Dubai) and Karamah Restaurant (in Al Mamzar). If you happen to travel to Yemen, try the fabulous Baba Darya in Sanaa. This restaurant is not only known for its wonderful seafood but it is also known for serving some of the best Arabic delicacies you have ever tasted.

As far as beverages are concerned, nothing compares to the best Arabic coffee, which comes in a very thick glass that is poured into a cup that is traditionally made of clay. This drink is said to be the best Arab coffee you have ever tasted and according to some, it is the best thing that they can add to their diet. It is best served with some freshly washed mussels or fish and is served either hot or cold. The best Arabic cuisine restaurants that serve this delicious coffee offer it either on ice or you can have it chilled.

A popular dish that is prepared in Dubai is chicken mandi. Like chicken kebabs, this dish is made from thin cuts of meat sauteed with onions and spices then deep-fried. The best Arabic cuisine restaurants that serve this dish will have a traditional clay pot called “madi” that holds all the ingredients together and is then topped with a lid. When the lid is off, it looks like a casserole but when the lid is on, it looks more like a fish.

In some parts of the world, like Dubai, this dish is called bukhari rice. But in Dubai, the best Arabic chefs make their own specially hand-made chicken and so it doesn’t lose its authentic touch. Another dish that is popular in Dubai is the alla arabica which means Arabica in Greek. This dish is a combination of meat, vegetables, and spices cooked in a clay pot. It is served with a special thick white sauce called tabla that is made from yogurt and fresh fruits. In some areas in Dubai, all the dishes are served with a special sweet called the Dubai honey that is made from the honeycomb mung beans.

In the eastern part of the country, you can find specialized restaurants that specialize in serving only Arabic food such as shawarma, kabbeh, and jabber sabzi. Shawarma is a plate of white bread that is grilled with sha Allah, an Arab suite that is used to flavor and preserve the chicken. Kabbeh is a meat dish that is marinated in yogurt and then cooked in a clay oven. Some people confuse kabbeh with the traditional Israeli vegetable stew called beit din.

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