Krishen Iyer Fresno Review – A Look at the Popular Insurance Recruiter

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been busy trying to close the gap between himself and Krishen Iyer, the venture capital firm’s founder and president. As you might suspect, there is some tension between the two men – and between their companies, according to media reports. According to a recent Business Journal article, Schneiderman met with Iyer last week to talk about reducing the number of cases his firm handles by half, from two to one. When asked about it, Iyer said, “I feel that we have too many cases to handle and it costs too much money to hire an attorney for every case. We are making fewer cases and re-branding as quickly as possible.”

The meeting came at a time when New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is trying to figure out a way to close the productivity gap between his department and its partners, such as KPMG and other insurance companies. He also wants to make sure those same companies work well with the New York State Department of Financial Services in order to improve the quality of the state’s lending and financing. According to the same Business Journal report, the “coding technology” used by New York’s top financial institutions is so complicated and expensive that “many lawyers find it nearly impossible to use the coding technology without first taking extensive training courses and paying expensively for the technology.” In short, there seems to be at least some room for improvement. And since Krishen Iyer is already a partner at the venture capital firm, perhaps more improvements can be expected.

That being said, Iyer did bring up something good: LinkedIn and his other company, Acomplia, have already begun offering some very interesting managed care services. These include life-long care plans and disability income protection. A number of other large insurance companies, as well as pharmaceutical and capital-age companies, are beginning to offer managed care options as well. One day in the future, Krishen Iyer may end up owning one of the major players in this industry. And he has every intention of exploiting his influence in the LinkedIn network to help them. For now though, he wants to ensure that “his” company continues to lead the way in providing unique business opportunities that attract people from different industries.

Speaking of which, he is quite involved with their life-long care and disability income protection plans. So much so that he is planning to open an office in California to focus solely on these types of services. He further stated: “we will be conducting talks with the State Insurance Department to set up a pilot project with a disability income protection system in place for selected senior citizens in California. Our goal is to reduce the costs of providing these services by 80 percent over current rates while increasing the frequency of application.” Sounds like he wants to be personally in charge of his new business, isn’t he?

Another good thing about Krishen Iyer Fresno is that he is a quick link marketing expert who is also very much interested in solving problems for people. That’s why he is very keen to launch his own venture in the insurance industry. And it looks as if he already has an idea on how he will do it: “we are designing a new platform that will enable our customers and our associates to interact more effectively on the one hand and increase our knowledge on how insurance companies communicate with their customers on the other. We are thinking about launching a beta version of this platform during our second quarter next year.” Click here for more details about krishen iyer fresno

It does seem as though he will be using his quick link marketing experience to leverage on the unique platform offered by LinkedIn to create an online networking hub for insurance companies. In the past, he has used his connections within the medical community to help create partnerships with health insurance companies. This shows that he knows what it takes to successfully launch a new venture like this. And given his background in working with large corporations, he should have no problem doing it.

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