Maximize Your viewing Experience on YouTube

The YouTube Panel, or more properly the YouTube Channel Add-on, is the most popular, feature-rich and best looking add-on currently available for the Google Chrome browser. So long-form indeed. YouTube Panel is a long-form widget that adds a whole slew of features like the Google Now and Gmail bubble sidebar, plus the normal functionality for channel pages, uploads, recordings, thumbnails, and the like, to your current website. If you’re looking for an innovative and powerful new social media widget for your website, the only way to go is with YouTube Panel.

There are many new and exciting things to come out of Google this year. It will be interesting to see how Google plans to take its portfolio of apps and implement them into different products across different platforms including the new YouTube application. The other new widgets that have been announced today are: The Gallery Add-on, the Wikipedia Panel, and the Safari Book View Add-on. All three of these new widgets will make it easier for the user to organize their feeds, videos, bookmarks, and other content across multiple social media websites including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, and others. If you haven’t checked out the new widgets yet, it’s high time you do so.

You can use the new YouTube Add-on by installing the YouTube Panel and turning on the “ios-native” features. This will launch the YouTube application in the same manner as the regular Firefox or Chrome browsers. You can use the Google WebHome Designer to build the interface, or if you prefer to use your own layout, there are over 50+ layouts available as a download from the Google WebMaster Tools page. Most of these new add-ons are not yet supported on mobile devices. The feature set of this long-form widget includes the following:

-Google Plus-like Search Bar. You can enter specific keywords that will be shown when the YouTube video you want to watch plays. You can also use the “Like-video” button along with a plus sign to cast a video to your friends. When you’re watching a video, you can press the play button again to share it to your friends. The search bar also works the same way as the regular Google Search bar does.

-Favorites. This long-form widget allows you to see the most-watched YouTube videos and mark them as favorites so you can quickly go to them when you want to watch them again. This add-on can be used in conjunction with the “long-form” feature as described above.

These are just a few of the many long-form viewing add-ons available on the YouTube Panel. To see the full list of these long-form viewing add-ons, log in to YouTube and search for the YouTube Channel you want to customize. Once you find the panel, scroll down to Add-ons and click on Add-Ons. Look for the YouTube Panel add-on that you want to install it just like any other add-on. In fact, you’ll probably be amazed at all the different features this panel has to offer.

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