Nishiazabu Reftlf Lounge

The Nishiazabu rettalf Lounge is located on the second floor of a building in Edo town, Lagos, Nigeria. This lounge is on the second floor and is not to be confused with a regular lounge as it has a unique design and style that are different from the other lounges. The seat of this lounge allows you to enjoy the fresh air straight away and also provides you with enough space to relax. The lounge is open during the day and can be closed at night to create a more private space.

There are several rooms in the lounge, which all have different themes such as Nairobi safaris, western Africa safaris, the West African Cape Town experience, casual to formal dining and many others. The lounge also offers you with many facilities and comforts such as TV, internet access, phone, safe box, shampoo/conditioner, hair dryer and a mini fridge. The lounge also has a mini bar that is available for an extra fee and this bar can be used for enjoying your alcohol.

The interior of the lounge is simple and easy to understand and the design is neat, clean, and crisp. There is no noise and the room is light and spacious. There is a counter that has a cupboard on it. The counter is raised up and becomes a dining table that has four comfortable chairs around it. There are a sink and a toilet located in the room. The lounge also has an intercom system that enables you to communicate with other customers or staff in case there is a problem or an emergency.

There is also a television screen in this room and one of the walls is wallpapered with pictures of South Africa and other places. In the middle of the ceiling is a fan that can be controlled through the use of a remote control. The flooring of the room has been carpeted and it has a rug for the seating. The furniture consists of a large sofa, two chairs, a coffee table, and a couple of ottomans that are very comfortable.

There are a large pool table and dart board which are located against the wall opposite the entrance of the lounge. The dart board can be rented for an extra fee and players do not even need to enter the lounge to play a game of darts. The lounge offers storage for all your stuff and there is a fridge in which you can store cold drinks and snacks. Apart from these, there is also a television set that is hooked up to a DVD player. Click here for more details about 西麻布 rettalf ラウンジ

The reception area has a counter for receiving customers and a small table for paying bills. This desk has a computer at the back and there is an iron for applying your makeup if you like. There is a small sofa in the living room that also doubles as a bedroom for the resident of the house. There is a loft bed in the bedroom which has a ladder that you can access from the living room. All the rooms in the Nishiazabu Rettalf Lounge are beautifully furnished and they have been designed by award winning interior designers.

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