Review on the Joker Game Movie

APRIL OF RAMPAY: The Joker Game by Yuki Otsuka is part one of the April Fools’ Month marathon. The serial killer known as the Joker has been confined to a mental institution after killing twelve people. He enjoys killing girls and boys, but has specifically picked on those at the mental institution. He has killed four girls and he demands to be admitted as the Joker. He threatens that unless he gets a taste of his cake, he will kill all the staff and employees of the mental institution. He refuses to wear his pants at the school cafeteria.

AFTER APRIL OF RAMPAY: The Joker still refuses to eat his cake but becomes more persuasive with the help of a bodyguard played by Takeshi Furukawa. They arrive at the Joker’s hideout but he shoots an officer with a paint-ball gun and takes another girl hostage. She tells the military police that there is an injured Joker in the elevator and she calls for backup. Colonel Yuki arrives just in time to save the girls. Joker shoots the other officers and kills the Joker but before he can escape, Major Motamosa arrives and engages him in a gun battle.

PART TWO: Joker Game continues with the military police taking the prisoner while the Joker breaks free from the chair he was ordered to take. He escapes but not before leaving behind two guards. The guards manage to restrain and arrest Joker but the third manages to shoot Yuki with his personal gun which results in his death. Joker then makes a threat to reveal the location of a top-secret military project called the Joker Game which has captured and killed the remaining members of his crew. Joker transfers himself to a secret facility where he plans to escape from this place using his newly-captured soldiers.

AFTER APRIL OF RAMPAY: In an attempt to save the captured officers, Major Tsubaki travels to Japan to learn about the Joker Game and finally confront Joker who has already escaped. After some trouble, Tsubaki finally gets his chance to fight Joker, but he proves to be no match for him. The military then discovers the location of Joker’s hideout and captures him.

AFTER APRIL OF JOB: The military forces still pursue after Joker and they are successful in capturing him, but then they discover that he has transferred himself to another facility. He reveals to the military that he has a plan to free all the prisoners whom he has captured. The Joker Game begins. Major Masane, who was working under Motamosa, becomes the game’s main target. Other major characters include Hideki Hosokawa (Kazuya), Tsubaki and Honma (Kazuya). The story revolves around a group of prisoners whom a warlord intends to free so he can start a new life.

The latest anime film titled Joker Game is scheduled to begin on April of this year. Fans of both anime and manga are sure to enjoy this latest release. It is directed by Nobuyuki Takahashi and features animation by Lantis. It is expected to be a great deal of fun.

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